Act in Kindness!

The other day Google sent us an email about how we could act in Kindness and it got us to thinking, Let’s Spread their Kindness! Their ideas all involve small things you can do, onlineIt’, virus safely and spread kindness amongst your circle and beyond. Share this wonderful gift of kindess with others. ** Love Where You Live **


It’s so easy to make a phone call! Take ten minutes to call someone strictly for the reason of asking how they are and then really listen when they tell you. You don’t need to have special advice, you can simply listen and care.

Show your support for local businesses and service workers when ordering out. Many businesses are struggling to keep in business and to keep their employees well paid and thriving. How can you help? Order from your favorite local restaurant or store and remember to tip!
“What is 20%
of $32.50?”

Everyone loves to see each other’s pets! Share a photo of your pet in email, on Facebook or Instagram. Help others to smile!

What a Fun Idea to Plan a Virtual Movie Night with friends. You can use the Watch Feature on Facebook and Youtube and select a comedy to enjoy. Have you ever tried to play games online with a friend?

Treat your friends to special recipes and successes ( and failures ) you are learning while spending more time at home. Friends love to get great ideas from your kitchen and others! Have you tried a new recipe lately?

These are just some fun ways to share a little online tenderness!