Meet Team Member Paul Bodder

Paul Bodder is a man of varied talents and experience!

A transplant from west of Tennessee, in Oklahoma and Arizona, Paul previously worked as a private contractor with the United States Postal Service for 20 year. and being a co-owner of a large retail business in Sevier County, Paul has set his sights on helping folks find the home they dream of in the Smoky Mountains with a unique perspective on what it means to live here as he draws from that pool of varied experience.

In a recent interview with Paul we learned a bit more about him:

What drew you to wanting to work as a Real Estate Agent in the Smokies, focusing on the valley area with Mountain Realty Group?

Purchasing a home and having a place where family and friends can gather is such a gift. And being a small part of making that happen for someone is going to be something I will always take great pride in. And no better people to do that with, than the team at Mountain Realty Group.

Did you grow up in the Smokies? If not where are you from?

No, I spent my childhood in Oklahoma (yes an Okie) and moved to Arizona as a teen.

Have you had previous careers?

Yes, I worked for 20 years as a private contractor with the US Post Office. I have co-owed a large retail business here in the Smokies since 2012.

Do you have a favorite recipe you would share with us we could share on the Facebook? We want to grow engagement with our people and we would love to share one of your favorites

A favorite my mom use to make. Place a little leaf of Lettuce on a plate, slice a whole banana length way’s in half and then into 4 quarters, place on the Lettuce. Spread a generous amount of peanut butter on each cut side of the banana and top with a dab of mayo! YUM

Do you have a good short story you could tell us about living in the Smokies, or working in Real Estate – our goal is to share and uplift?

When you first move to the Smokies, don’t think placing you trash in a metal trash can on the upper deck screened in porch is a safe place for it, nor calling the sheriff when you hear the rattling in the middle of the night. Because the friendly sheriff, and the big ole black bear will remind you that YOU live in THEIR back yard, not the other way around.

What is your advice to someone who may be thinking or moving to the Smokies or maybe having a second home here?

The Smokies is such a beautiful and diverse area to live, no matter which direction you go there is always something for everyone to enjoy. So pack your bags, your family and the moving truck. We welcome you as a neighbor and a friend.

Paul wants people who have never lived in the Smokies before to know how enriching it can be to set roots here. Get to know Paul at Mountain Realty Group, located on Wears Valley Road, in Sevierville, TN.