5 Appliance Repairs That You Can Do Yourself

Thanks to Realty Times for this informative article on Appliance Repairs That You Can Do Yourself.

Appliances are integral to our daily lives, and when they stop working the way that they should, it can be a serious problem. Many appliance repair jobs tend to cost a lot of money, and can be time consuming to schedule. In many instances, however, it’s possible to do the repair yourself, sometimes in just minutes. The following five repairs can be done by most homeowners, while the last two should always be left to the pros.

Replace the Thermostat in The Dryer
Clear the Drain in the Dishwasher
Replace the Fan in the Freezer
Unclog the Burner in the Gas Stove

Learn when to call a Pro!

Take Care of Your Appliances

Simple fixes are often all that’s necessary to avoid a big repair bill. Know when you can DIY and when you need to call a pro to keep things running smoothly.”

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