Top Paint Colors Chosen for Selling Your Home!

One of the most cost effective updates you can make in your home as you prepare to sell is a fresh coat of paint and these are the top paint colors you can find that will help sell your home! Our team goes to work with you, along with paint professionals in our area to help you make good selections for your update. Exterior and interior choices may make a difference in how well your home is received by potential buyers!

One of the first things to remember is you are not painting the home the color you personally love! You may be a fan of mint green and that is your exterior choice, when that may not be the most friendly choice to attract a buyer. A small improvement like painting can add significant value to your home when done properly. 

Interior or Exterior the Go To Color with Americans is Blue! Blue is friendly as an exterior, in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms.

When considering your extreior color the following considerations might determine the colors you choose!

Style: Is your home colonial-style, ranch-style, farm-style? Research other houses that look similar to yours to get an idea of what colors work best for your house.

Material: Be sure to consult with a professional to use the correct type of paint for the material the home is constructed of.

Surrounding: View the surroundings, the homes, the landscape and choose accordingly!

When painting your house to sell, you want to make your house a blank slate. Choose a color with an LRV of 55-85. LRV is an abbreviation for light reflectance value, a technical term of measurement for how much light a paint color reflects. The larger the LRV, the lighter/ brighter the color.

Neutrals, Light Grays, Taupes are all choices. Beige is making a comeback after overuse in the 2008 – 2010 season of house flipping. Whites are often not a good choice, and accent walls are not recommended. Use complementary colors that look good together and are in the same family. 

Painting your home is an excellent way to prepare the path for new owners. Work to create a beautiful, clean, new slate that is bright, warm and welcome.

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