Home Buying and Move Planning Resources for Families With Pets

Buying and moving into a new home is always a family affair. Since you pets are a part of your family, it only makes sense to include them in the process. What’s more, that process should always start by hiring a reputable realtor, such as an agent from Mountain Realty Group. It can also help to hold onto these resources for families with pets to guide you through each step of this exciting journey.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Home
Being a pet parent means finding a home where your furry kids can be healthy and happy.

⦁ You can use ⦁ real estate websites to find homes with fenced yards and other pet-friendly features you and your fur babies may need.
⦁ Or you can have experienced real estate pros, like the agents at ⦁ Mountain Realty Group, help you find your perfect pet-friendly home.
⦁ Just keep in mind that you will likely need to leave your pets at home when viewing potential homes, so you may also need to ⦁ find a pet sitter.
Virtual tools can also come in handy if you prefer not to leave your furkids at home, or if you have other concerns about viewing homes in-person.

Preparing Pets for a Move
Once you find your dream home, you should start making plans for a stress-free move.

⦁ You can start by ⦁ connecting with moving services to see if they have experience in working in homes with pets.
⦁ You may also want to place your pets in a secure ⦁ crate or leave them with pet sitters, to keep them from being stressed out by having strangers in their home.
⦁ Then you can ⦁ start packing all of your boxes but be sure to leave out your pets’ favorite toys or beds to help them feel comfortable during your move.
⦁ Also start checking for ⦁ pet-friendly accommodations along your route and always call ahead to confirm any pet rules or restrictions.

Settling into a New Home
Change can be hard on your pets, so spend some extra time helping them feel comfortable.

⦁ You can help your pets ⦁ feel at home in a new house by putting out those fave possessions you left unpacked and of course, giving them lots of attention.
⦁ Or you can consider using some ⦁ stress-relieving snacks like CBD cat treats.
⦁ Also keep in mind ⦁ that walking your dogs can provide some relief from moving anxiety and stress, both for them and for you.
⦁ Finally, be sure to ⦁ microchip your pets before you move or begin settling into your new home, just in case they get nervous and bolt or get lost.

Your new home should be one that your entire family can enjoy, including your furry family members! Keep your pets in mind as you partner with Mountain Realty Group to find your new home and plan your big move. Doing so can save you some headaches and save your pets some stress.

Photo Credit: Unsplash