Best Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House

After a long day at work, the last thing you’re in the mood for is putting things away. Your car keys, purse, and other bits and bobs end up on that one table. Pretty soon, the same starts happening with other items – those long lost books someone gave back, the box you never got around to unpacking, and the list goes on.

Before long, your sanctuary becomes a warzone of stuff, and it’s starting to get on your nerves. Still, you’re at your wit’s end trying to find the space for everything. 

If this sounds like you, then don’t fret. We’re here to give you some of the best storage ideas for your entire house. Forget about clutter and reap the benefits of a revitalized, refreshed, and organized home.

First Thing’s First

Get rid of the junk. You more than likely have some garbage that’s taking up precious space in your home. If it’s not sentimental, has no use, and just collects dust, then consider throwing it out. 

You can donate, dump, or even sell something you no longer need. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you tackle one room at a time, the task is much more manageable. This exercise will allow you to take stock of your items and re-evaluate how much space you really have – a crucial step in the decluttering process.

Keep the Kitchen Clutter-Free

If your kitchen cabinets are at capacity, there are still a few tricks that can help maximize space. For starters, opt for stackable, square, and same-sized containers. They’re much more efficient and make it easier to pack away pantry items, utensils, and the like. Plus, you can label them for optimum organization. 

Forget about half-opened packets of dry ingredients cluttering up your cupboards. Instead, store them in mason jars. That way, you can even line them up on a shelf or counter if you lack cabinet space. With a few hooks, you can also hang pots, pans, utensils, and mugs to clear out the mess.

Love Your Living Room Again

With baskets, you can re-organize and optimize your living room in no time. Square ones work well on shelves and even underneath furniture, while round ones can be strategically placed to serve an aesthetic purpose, too. 

If you have loads of books and a limited floor area, consider a ladder-style shelf that takes advantage of vertical space. Hanging or wall shelves are also excellent options. Think smart when it comes to furniture, and opt for dual-purpose items like a storage ottoman or a side table with a small cupboard. 

You can even repurpose vintage pieces like a trunk or chest that doubles as a coffee table – no one will ever know you’re keeping linen, books, or art supplies in there!

The Bedroom, the Bathroom, and Beyond

Baskets or plastic containers are also handy for the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. They’ll help you store items out of sight and utilize “dead space” under your bed, in corners, and on top of high shelves.

In other nooks and crannies, you can use a ladder trolley to store toiletries, cleaning agents, or garage items. Corner shelves will also optimize bathroom and bedroom space. If you don’t have a lot of closet room, consider installing a wardrobe rack from the ceiling. Additionally, wire shelf risers will instantly multiply vertical storage space for clothes, shoes, and even tools.