Meet Stephanie Edwards

We are so pleased to welcome real estate agent Stephanie Edwards to our team at Mountain Realty Group. Stephanie has a passion for everything she does and we can’t be more pleased to have her add that energy to our work at MRG.

We recently had the chance to interview Stephanie and want to share it with you so you can also get to know her. Give her a big thumbs up welcome or hello at her email:

How long have you been a part of the team with Mountain Realty Group?
Brand new to Mountain Realty Group! I joined March of 2021.

What drew you into wanting to work as a Real Estate Agent in the Smokies, focusing on the valley area with Mountain Realty Group?

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
-John Keats

When it comes to a real estate investment in the Smokies, truer words have never been spoken. Having dreamt of owning my own little piece of God’s country since well before I could even spell it, it’s truly a blessing to finally be able to call myself a “local”! Whether it be the endless supply of opportunities for making lasting memories with your friends and loved ones, the natural beauty of the national park; itself, or the welcoming southern hospitality of the local residents, our slogan holds true. You will absolutely “love where you live”! I know I do! Whether you are looking for a vacation home, an investment property, or simply a peaceful place to retire, I would be delighted in the opportunity to guide you along the way to finding your own beautiful piece of Smoky Mountain joy.

Did you grow up in the Smokies? If not, where are you from?
Born and raised in rural Southwestern Ohio. It is a lot like here, just without the beautiful mountains!

Have you had previous careers?
Before settling down here, I was an agent for Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Before that, I used my background in education to take care of my own 5 children, as well as those of my good friends and neighbors.

Do you have a good short story you could tell us about living in the Smokies, or working in Real Estate?
During my first month here as a Smoky Mountain local, everyone in my family was having bear sightings but me. I was completely jealous! I was even going out of my way to try to see them but as it was getting later into the fall, none were out waiting to be found. One afternoon, I was up measuring our loft for bunk beds. As I pulled the measuring tape across the window sill, I glanced out at the dead log that sits directly across from it. Sitting on that log, in an almost human-like position, was the biggest bear I’d ever seen! He was just sitting there taking in the show. After a double-take, I squealed for everyone to come to see which of course set the dogs off to barking. My squeal of delight hadn’t scared him away but the bark of a yappy Papillon sure did. Now every time I pass that window, I look out to see if he’s watching out for me as much as I was watching out for him.

What is your advice to someone who may be thinking or moving to the Smokies or maybe having a second home here?
You only live once! A big move or financial investment can be a little scary but please know that your friends at Mountain Realty Group are here for you! With all the experience and know-how you’ll need (and some positive reassurance along the way), we’ll help find the perfect property for you and get you from contract to closing as smoothly as possible.

We are looking forward to working with Stephanie and those she has the opportunity to connect with in our area to buy and sell real estate.

Love Where You Live!

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