Realtor of the Month Award – Wears Valley Real Estate Professional

Wears Valley Real Estate professional Daniel Bice has won Realtor of the Month for this month! Realtor of the Month? What does that mean to you as a customer or client? You may have seen us post who was Realtor of the Month for the previous month and wondered what criteria sets the tone for this honor, and what made them so good to achieve the recognition?

Each month we honor one of our agents who have gone above and beyond expectations to help their clients complete their real estate transaction.  Whether the client was purchasing a dream home in the area, looking to invest in the Smoky Mountain region, or needed to sell their home in the area,. they worked to exceed every expectation and got the job done. These agents have a special passion to be sure their clients “Love Where They Live”. 

Our Team Members are knowledgeable and want to walk you through each stage of the process.  Our Agents work to bring their clients to the closing and then the dream really is complete.    Whomever reaches their goal the most is Realtor of the Month. When choosing an agent you want to know your choice is someone you feel confidence in and that you trust. It’s good to know that the Realtor you choose is one who has successfully completed many transactions and has received testimonials of satisfaction. When you select from the team at Mountain Realty Group you can be assured of a professional and caring agent who will work to make your dream come true.

Daniel Bice Realtor
April, 2020 Realtor of the Month
March 2020 Realtor of the Month, Michael McConnell
February 2020, Realtor of the Month
Mountain Realty Group Realtor of the Month September
Wendy Booth and Michael McConnell share the honor for September.
Shawn Somerfield Realtor of the Month Mountain Realty Group October
October Realtor of the Month Shawn Somerfield!