Preparing to Sell Your Home

People decide to sell their homes for many reasons and preparing to sell your home requires a lot of careful and precise measures to attract the type of buyers you’re looking to sell to. The home market is active nation wide and in the Smoky Mountains. When Mountain Realty Group works with you on your home sale, we take our expert knowledge and apply it to your home to find that perfect sweet spot for a successful sale.

Preparing your home for sale can really help the experience. As you begin to consider this decision now is the time to begin the preparations for a smooth sale.

What would a buyer love in your home? Mountain Realty Group will work with you to show the best selling qualities of your home.

Nothing says clean like fresh paint. Are there areas of your home that would benefit from fresh paint? Deep clean all rugs and floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Clean windows and doorways inside and out.

Lastly, and most importantly declutter the home. Now is the time to go through every closet, every drawer, every room, every corner. What a great idea to make a donation to a local thrift store that benefits one of your local ministries.

Our agents will work with you to prepare the home, find the correct market price and get the home marketed properly so the next owner can find and purchase the home. Trust your real estate agent to represent you with integrity and will work with all buyers and sellers for the best possible result.

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