Dress Up Your Porch! | Smoky Mountain Home Tips

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When you think of an outdoor living space you likely think of a backyard deck, porch or patio. When considering the addition of a custom outdoor living space, you should consider where you spend your time and any space can be unique. A front porch offers a place to relax on summer and fall days, a retreat for everyone just a step outside the door. Your home’s exterior is the first thing you see when approaching your home. It is the face of your home.

A screened porch addition most definitely adds value to your home. This is especially true when it comes to general curb appeal. Lighting, speakers, even some ceiling fans can all do dramatic things for the ambiance, so don’t limit yourself when considering a screened porch. You could also such amenities as an outdoor fireplace, a television, or even an outdoor kitchen or bar area.

There are many benefits to an upgrade in your Outdoor Living spaces. Whether it is a front or back deck, outdoor living space opens the home and adds curb appeal to the home, not to mention the enjoyment that will be experienced in this special space.