Making The Best Of Your Move

Let’s face it – moving is no easy task. The excitement of your new home helps to make that task easier, yet it can feel overwhelming to anyone. Taking a few steps to organize can help for making the best of your move.

First, create a timetable of your move. Plan out how much time you have, how long you think it will take to pack each room and create a schedule with adequate time built in.

Only pack what you need and want to move to the new home. This is your chance to rid yourself of clutter gained over the years. Consider donating your items to a ministry who can use those items.

With today’s technology, we find we need these tools most. Be careful to keep your needed items and chargers separate and pack these items last.

Mark items that should be opened first with an Open Me First sign so you know those are your most needed items.

Some of your most precious items may be best moved in your car and not the moving truck. Mark fragile items, but most your most precious items in your vehicle.

Clearly label your boxes for unpacking. Label the room the box will go in and then label the rooms for the moving company to be able to unpack appropriately.

No matter what you do, moving will be an experience. If you take steps to organize hopefully your move will go smoothly.

We asked our team how it went when they moved to our area and got some great stories. Our Owner/Broker Neva Waite tells us this story!

“Shall I start at the beginning? Well it was the year 2000 and we were vacationing here on a time share and fell in love with the area. In 2001 over Spring Break we couldn’t get into Florida, so ended up in Gatlinburg at the last minute. As we drove to Cades Cove on the way back we came through Wears Valley, which was a delight.

With soon to be 13 year old twins we dropped them off at Dollywood and we began to look for a house. We stopped by an office and the agent on duty only showed us homes in Wears Valley. Wears Valley is an area about 4 miles long and 7 miles wide. They showed us 4 homes at one end of the valley and 3 on the other with a delicious pizza we picked up at the area gas station in between. With limited choices we found the right place- actually the first place we saw for sale that got us going to the office in the first place. We put an offer on the home and told the kids we were moving.

As we returned home to Michigan, got our house ready to sell and it sold in 3 days. We knew this was the right move. 

Now, the move was funny. On our first trip down we had a motor home and filled a trailer with side bars on it. We stopped to get some eats on our first trip down. Pulled out onto US 75 and the decline was too much for the trailer hitch- the angle unhooked it so, the trailer crushed a little bit of the back of the motor home and knocked the signal off. Funny now to think about, it was not funny at the time. We always want our life to be smooth and there it goes- rocky. 

As we began our second and final trip with the rest of all we owned. We had a tow car behind the motor home this time. It was a red VW cabriolet convertible. We had two very large, life size bears dressed and strapped in like they were enjoying the ride. We had police come up to us thinking that we had people driving that behind us! Then people would also pull up beside the driver and smile. The entertainment we gave to the other travelers  on 75 was the best.  They would take pictures, roll down their windows and make our day.

Make the most of your move to our area- it is really worth it!! We love where we live!”